The History Of The Dice Game

The game that we are going to present to you now is not new! It is a hobby that is really enjoyed by many people, as it does not require a lot of materials other than two dice. Rather unifying, entertaining and fun, dice games have come a long way before finding their way into casinos and online gambling halls. The dice, strictly speaking, would have appeared during prehistoric times, and started their democratization about 5000 years ago. You should know that the Dice have changed over time, and that we now find new shapes and new numbers of sides depending on the games on which they are used.

The history of the dice game

It is currently known that the oldest known dice were found as part of a backgammon game which would therefore be 5000 years old. This game was discovered in Iran when they are considered to be a predominantly Asian invention. Indeed, it is also noted that some older dice were found to be used by the ancient Mongols and other peoples in neighboring countries. The use of dice, for the most part in ancient times, was not necessarily just for backgammon. The ancient Greeks used the dice regularly, as did knights and royalty during the Middle Ages. Dice indeed became one of the favorite pastimes of knights who sought a perfect pastime when they had to be away for a long time, while enjoying play utensils that do not take up much space during the trip. Several of them were already playing gambling games with the dice.

The characteristics of the dice

The first dice were initially made from the ankle bones of animals such as those of horses or oxen. They were then called at the time of the ossicles. These are obviously still used as games in parts of Asia, although modern dice are usually made from a synthetic plastic material to facilitate mass manufacturing. As more advanced civilizations began to adopt the game of dice in their cultures, other varieties then emerged through new materials such as wood, ivory, metal and other materials.

The dice game in casinos

The game of dice is now gradually establishing itself as one of the favorite games in the online casino world and is particularly popular with Americans in land-based casinos. We can now find a wide variety of dice games on online casino sites, through successful virtual games such as Vault Dice, VIP Casino Dice, Summer Dice 2 or Electro Dice. You do not know the principle of the online dice game? Well this one is rather simple since you just have to simply align horizontally or diagonally, three of the same color or with the bonus symbol in order to obtain the highest possible score. Obviously… the more points you earn, the more your earnings increase!

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